Sip a Mediterranean or Latin Cocktail in a warm atmosphere

  • Negroni
    £ 8.50
    Bombay Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari garnished with an orange zest
  • Mojito
    £ 8.50
    Bacardi white rum, sugar, fresh mint & limes topped with soda and
    served over crushed ice
  • Manhattan
    £ 8.50
    Maker’s Mark, Martini Rosso, Angostura bitter, garnished with maraschino cherry
  • Margarita
    £ 8.50
    Gold Tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour shaken and served with a salt rim in a martini glass or on the rocks
  • Bishop
    £ 8.50
    Red wine, rum, sugar syrup, lime juice
  • Tziganos Sour
    £ 8.50
    Red wine, whiskey, apricot syrup, cinnamon syrup, lime juice
  • Cosmopolitan
    £ 8.50
    Absolut Vodka, Triple sec, fresh limes and Cranberry juice
  • Caipirinha
    £ 8.50
    Brazilian Cachacha white rum, limes and sugar syrup served over crushed ice
  • Buena Vista
    £ 8.50
    Bacardi, Triple sec, limes, ginger cordial and angostura bitters topped with Ginger beer
  • Diavoletto
    £ 8.50
    Prosecco, Aperol, lemon juice and fresh strawberry puree served in a champagne flute
  • Kir Royal
    £ 8.50
    Prosecco with a dash of Creme de Cassis served in a champagne flute
  • Bellini
    Prosecco with Peach or Passion fruit puree served in a champagne flute